Friday, August 19, 2011

Back from Paris.....But Not Quite Back

There is a saying that travel changes people.  Having done my fair share of traveling, I would say that travel gives a person time and space in the context of another culture to re-evaluate their lives, their choices, their goals.  Still basking in the glow from our 12 day holiday in Paris, I am posting briefly, to let those who are wondering that, like the French, I will taking the rest of the month of August off from The Homeless Finch. I will be returning in September. 

Until then, I will be recharging my feathers and preparing to take flight for a very exciting Fall season.  For are a few of my favorite images from Paris.

View from our room
My daughter "planking" at the Notre Dame
Me admiring Vermeer's The Lacemaker.  I have a strong connection
to this painting, as a painter and as a maker.
An amazing image that my daughter took while we strolled through
Luxembourg Gardens one day.  Magic.
A building in Marie Antoinette's Hamlet at Versailles. I have been to
Versailles before, but the Hamlet is a long walk beyond the
main chateau and my previous travel companions
didn't want to make the trek.  I have always
wanted to see this....amazing day.

Leaving Disneyland Paris at night. Beautiful property.
A "snack" we had while lounging in the park around the corner from
our hotel.  Yes, it was as great as it looks!
Does this really need a caption?!
 Hope the rest of your summer is awesome.  See you in September!

-The End-