Saturday, December 17, 2011

25 Days of Christmas and Holiday Series: Day 17

Fun and Festive Holiday Snow Globes/Mini Jar Cloches

We have all seen a ton of those little faux snow globes all over the blogs and Pin Interest.  You know the ones...made with mason jars with little snowy scenes inside?  Most of them do not have water in them, so I am hesitant to call them just snow globes because they are more like Mini Jar Cloches.  Don't you think?!  Anyway, I was wanting to tackle this project with my own twist or vision on it.  So here is what I did.

Collected up some supplies...little pretties and a few Dollar Store jars and couple of jars I picked up at Goodwill because I thought the triangular shape of them was different.
Pretty stuff.  Assorted Mini Ornaments from
Pier One, AC Moore and the Dollar Store.
Some tiny jingle bells, candies and picks with

I cut a circular piece of Styrofoam out and made sure that the circumference of it, once glued to the lid would still allow the jar to close.
The thickness of the circle is flexible.  Just make sure that
it isn't so thick that it takes up too much space in the jar once
closed, but thick enough to stabilize the materials when stuck
into the Styrofoam.
Before you glue the Styrofoam disk down to the inside of the lid, create you mini snowy scene using hot glue to stabilize the elements. 
I added the AC Moore snowman first
and then built the area around him varying the height and
the visual weight of the other elements around him.
A little froggy is stuck in the snow along with
jingle bells and candy. Finished the background
with a Dollar Store snowflake. I will be adding
snow to this scene later, so I glued the jingle bells
to little floral sticks, so they would
 show above the snow.
This darling owl is from Pier One Imports.  I
placed a little snowy Dollar Store tree and a
few little picks and baubles,
and shake of glitter in with him.
Now it was time to glue the Styrofoam down to the inside of the lid.  Important Tip!  My jars are slightly square with panels on all four sides for looking in.  I had to make sure and hot glue the base down in a position that once the jar was screw closed, my scene would be facing in that direction.  So before the hot glue set up, I placed the jar over the top and adjusted the placement.   Pay attention to this detail!

I added a handful of bagged fresh fallen snow, closed up the lid. Done.  Here are my results...

I also wanted to show you what I can up with for my Goodwill jars. I used these jars standing upright because I liked their lids and I wanted to do something different with these two jars.   I made a simple snowy tree motif with a few jingle bells in the jar because they are tall and narrow.  I then finished off the top with a few leftover birdies from my Bird Nest Ornament Project, a pick and a small bow.  Here are the results.

Fun afternoon project that is easily customized for a friend who like....well, frogs!  Or for myself, who likes....owls! Yeah me! 

We are getting down to the wire friends.  I am sure you all are in full holiday mode and busy busy busy.  I know I am.  The remainder of the projects are geared toward just that.  I will finish this week off with quick tips and ideas that might help you in the pinch.

Here's looking at you kid...

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for my
Day 18
25 Days of Christmas and Holiday Ideas and Gifts Series!!

-The End-
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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

I absolutely love your take on this. Congrats on your feature at Donna's my friend. I was giddy to see your steampunk ornament.

WrightStuff said...

I love what you made - I feel so festive!

Speaking of which, you should share these with the Inspiration Avenue challenge this week where the theme is.. you guessed it... festive!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

these are so cute! i love the simple white trees- those are my favorite!

Small Town Girl said...

These are adorable! Thanks for the tutorial... I like owls too! ;)

Deneen@dreaming-n-color said...

Obviously I have been away way too long! I have caught up on all your adorable ideas! Everything has been fantastic! You should be proud of yourself! Merry Christmas!

Twice Nice said...

Your jars have the look of viewing the snowy scene in a window! It's like a NY Macy's Christmas window!!
Darling. Love them all. I should do this with the girls later next week. Those tall GW jars turned out gorgeous! You should turn this into an ebook for next year! Deb

Magpie said...

These are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them with Inspiration Avenue. And thanks for showing how you created them.

We normally just take one photo per entrant, but I may have to cheat a little and pick two, since it is impossible to choose :) I love the little owl, and the triangular jars are beautiful!


Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said...

These turned out really cute, Lesley! I love the ornaments you used. Adorable!

KAT said...

Very neato ! Lovely designs you came up with too !
I remember doing one of these snow globes with baby food jars ...that was way way back when it came in little glass jars

- KAT -

priti.lisa said...

You are so good at tutorial!
I love them all, especially the triangular tree globe, so serene♥

Holly said...

LOVE these! They look like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing! I'm your newest fan. Please check out if you get a chance! Merry Christmas!

Holly said...

LOVE these! They look like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing! I'm your newest fan. Please check out if you get a chance! Merry Christmas!

Jessie said...

Oooooh, they are all so pretty!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Lesley,

WOW! These are adorable!!!