Friday, May 20, 2011

What I've Been Seeing in Blog Land

As many of you know, I spend a significant amount of time perusing the home decor, furniture and renovation blogs.  They have saved me a ton of money by replacing the magazines I use to non-stop purchase. They also supply me with a constant stream of ideas and inspiration.  I try and show you some of the things I am seeing out there each week.  I see a ton a great ideas, but you have to really get my attention for me to share!  A few of the following highlights are from blogs that I read everyday.  So if you are highlighted here, your project has made it through the Homeless Finch gauntlet. (Did I just say that?)

Chicken Wire Cloche

Susan at Home Road made this super neat cloche.  She wanted the look of chicken wire, but also got the protection of a glass cover.  You can see more about the project on her blog, click here.

Mudroom Coat Rack

A gal named Colleen created this very unique rack, using a spare piece of wood and the tops of 6 sports trophies.  It amazes me when people come up with these ideas. Click here for the details on how she put this together. 

Decadent Oreos

Blogger, Amanda Parker at Shindig Parties created these chocolate dipped and decorated Oreos!  I have a special problem attraction to an Oreo. There are never in my house because, and I mean every word here....I will polish off the entire package in a day or two.  They must be kept away from me, so this is a nice way to enjoy dreaming about them.  Helps me stay in my current jean size too!

Yummy White Bedroom

Donna at Funky Junk Interiors share this white bedroom redo on Songbird's "I Like White Party".  Everything about this image make me swoon.  You can read more about this room redo here at Funky Junk.  If you want to see the other all white rooms and creations that were entered at the blog Songbird, click here.

Spring Lilacs

Mary at Very Merry Vintage Style brought her silver bucket back out to decorate her table, only look at these gorgeous lilacs that she had just outside in her backyard! I have been seeing a ton of spring flowers all over the blogs, but there is just something about these particular ones that stopped me in my tracks.  You can read about this here.
THE Angriest Birds

Got felt?!  Brandy over at Gluesticks shared these amazing creations in her post aptly entitled, Birds!  My two teenagers loved them.  These little "angry birds" are just so delightful!  If you want to find out how she made these and see some cute pictures, click right here.

Hope you enjoyed checking out my highlights!  Those darn birds.....they are so cute, aren't they?!!

-The End-


Brandy said...

Thanks Lesley!! I just opened up my email for the morning and this was a fun surprise! Have a great day!


knack said...

i totally enjoyed your highlights...and that trophy coat rack caught my eye as well! love that thing!

have a great weekend!


Homeroad said...

Thanks so much for featuring my chicken wire cloche!

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Nice picks! And thanks for featuring my bedroom! How cool is this! :)


tofubeast said...

Love that coat rack. So creative. I'm addicted to Angry Birds, so I got a kick out of the birds!

Lisa Montsion said...

I also like the coat rack.