Friday, August 24, 2012

The Start to a Cozy Guest Bedroom and Throwing the Towel in on Making Money in the Blog World

These walls are not yellow!  See next image. More accurate.

Just wanted to check in to let you know that things are much better (for now!) around here.  Getting my teens back into school this week has given me a little time to myself.  I have slowed it down a bit around here.  I've also been trying to feed our souls, like making a nice snack in the afternoon for them and still getting the mani/pedi that I so desperately needed to do for myself! That darn hot towel on my legs was to die for!

Okay, slightly blurry and  that lamp cord needs
 to be hidden...but I really don't care.
Spending more time on things I care about! 
In between I have been slowly working on a guest bedroom.  I found a beautiful Ralph Lauren bed ensemble of which I am totally smitten.  I placed the bed off-center from the room and I kinda like the juxtaposition that it creates.  I am using my Pineapple Table as a side table. I picked up that cool mango wood lamp with a burlap lamp shade at a consignment shop that I ducked into yesterday.  Set it up on some of my favorite country style decorating books adding a little ice blue vintage ash tray as a table coaster.  Simple.  (click the highlight Pineapple Table to see that project from last year. Pretty cool)

Love this antique iron bed I picked up
in Atlanta about 12 years ago.
For those of you who have faithfully followed The Homeless Finch, I have an update. I have decided to just blog post when I feel like it.  I will probably not be as consistent as I have in the past.  I am okay with that.  I got all caught up in the "you have to stay consistent to build your blog" mantra.  I thought that I could actually build my blog to a level of making money.  But the truth is that few blogs make enough money to justify the time it takes away from other areas of our lives.  You might hear from me twice in one week, but then not again for a month. Hope you are okay with that.  If not, oh well you are out of luck!

Gonna head out today to haunt a few of my favorite antique and collectible shops.  Taking it slow.  Sometimes, slowing it down is the best recipe for a happier me.  See ya soon!

What's a room without an owl?!!
Thanks to my sis for this little dude!

-The End-


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

LOVE that bed and those pretty little tables! Lesley I agree with you 100 percent!! We should blog because it makes happy not stressed and not to be in competition with one another! Have fun today antiquing!

Olive Cooper said...

Dear Leslie, the bed is charming. You must do what is right for you. I am home a lot and now retired so I have time to blog away. I try to take better photos this week than last week. I am in competition with myself only. It is easy to get caught up in the money and yes I am on BlogHer but I make very little money. I am not a DIY so I get fewer followers and I do not do giveaways to attract followers. I swim against the current a bit but that is okay. You must care for your nest and you are doing a brilliant job of it by the way you sound. When those teens leave you can re-evaluate and see what you want to do. Big hugs to you, Olive

Rasonda @ Lake Cottage Dreams said...

First... the pictures look like something out of Pottery Barn. Second... I {and I am sure we} completely understand. I so there myself. I used feel the same way then life and reality hit.

Korrie@RedHenHome said...

I have had some of the same thoughts/concerns about my blog...but the simple fact is, I don't *want* it to become a JOB. So I give up on grand ideas of every making money at this--and just enjoy the new friends I have made through the blog-o-sphere. Glad things are settling down for you, and hope you have a lovely weekend!

Twice Nice said...

I hear you sister!So happy that times are better for you all. Your guest room looks so very inviting! Have a super weekend!

NanaDiana said...

Love your guest room. I have blogging in my blood at this point but if it ever starts to become a job I don't think I will want to do it. I have never tried any of the money making aspects of blogging but don't know if it would be worth it for me- xo Diana

Janet said...

I love that little owl, it's so cute! I'm happy that things are going better for you! I'll look forward to seeing future posts in my reader--whenever they happen to come. :)

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Lesley, I just want you to be happy. Your passion right now seems to be feathering your nest.
Enjoy, breath, and post whenever you want. Take time for yourself, and drop me a line every now and then. Your bedroom is beautiful, btw. I love the birds on the bed.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

That's the right attitude. Enjoy life and post when it hits you. That's the approach I've taken. I'm never going to be a "big" blog, and that's just fine with me. Too much mail to answer!!!

And do you know what's funny? When all your posts are written when you're "feeling it", your readers get caught up in your excitement, too. And slowly you gain followers who actually want to read what you write. Those are the keepers.

I'm so glad to hear things are settling down for you. I can "hear" it in your voice.


I almost forgot! Your guest room looks so inviting and the little owl looks right at home snuggled in on your fabulous antique bed!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I love the little owl. Penny rugs and wool felt just make you happy. :o) I'm glad you are back...and I'm really glad you have made peace with yourself about when to post, or when to not post. After all, that's the bottom line. Being at peace. I'm not really there yet but I finally feel like it's attainable. I'm working at my blog but I'm not obsessed by it. My Etsy has helped a great deal in that respect. For me that's progress!
Since I lost my blogroll I have been signing up to follow my fav blogs by email. I just signed up to get The Homeless Finch delivered right to my inbox so I won't miss a thing. I'm glad things have settled down a bit. Happy Weekend Lesley!

thistlewoodfarm said...

I'm happy that you are slowing down! Life is such a journey and it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of blog land! Just know that we think you are wonderful and I truly love your posts!


Teresa@oursoutherncountryhomeandfarm said...

Hi there! I got to missing you and came looking you up. Of coarse, I took quite a break from blogging myself, or I would have seen this post. I blog when I can, and don't when I don't have the time. Real life comes first, and just doesn't allow me time to stay on the computer 24/7, nor do I want to. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hello. Maybe we will find ourselves blogging again at the same time, until then, take care. If not, I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. LOVE the bed!

Allan Murray said...

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